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Diaphragm Gas Meters

It is a compact, residential diaphragm gas meter with high measurement accuracy and long term working stability.



In the natural Gas sector of industry most are familiar with the measuring principle of the Rotary Gas meters.

The meter belongs to the group of positive displacement meters where pre-determined volumes of gas passing by means of two counter-rotating impellers or rotors.



The operating principle of the Turbine Gas Meter is well known.

It is based on the measurement of the gas velocity. The flowing gas is narrowed, accelerated and conditioned by the meter upstream straightening section.

The dynamic forces of the fluid causes the turbine rotor to rotate, making accurate measurement possible.



Ultrasonic Liquid & Gas Flow Meters


The major advantages of the Energoflow AG LF & GF series Ultrasonic Liquid & Gas Flow Meters are:

  1. No obstruction to the flow and zero pressure loss

  2. No moving parts and no mechanical wear or tear

  3. Easy installation and simplicity of use

  4. Easy integration into all kinds of process management systems

  5. High accuracy, large turn-down ratio, reliable measurement and fast reaction to changes in process conditions


Electronic Volume Converters

MacBAT 5 is a gas volume corrector that enables PTZ, PT or T conversion. The device is designed to measure volume, energy and flow of gas. Primarily battery powered with the possibility to connect external power supply. The device converts the volume of gas counted by the gas meter (turbine, rotary, ultrasonic) into the base conditions. Gas compressibility factor is calculated with the use of algorithms SGERG-88, MGERG-88, AGA8-92DC, AGA8-G1, AGA8-G2, AGA NX-19 mod or constant value of relative compression factor. MacBAT 5 is an intrinsically safe device ready to be installed in explosive hazardous zone 0.



Flow Computers

Flowcomputer MacMAT IV is a key element of safe and precise measuring systems for flows of large volume of natural gas. It guarantees safety of work, data security and interference protection, as a result of more than 25 years of experience in volume correctors and flowcomputers development. MacMAT IV is equipped with intrinsically-safe, explosion-proof measuring inputs as well as binary inputs allowing to connect devices from Ex-Zone. has IP65 protection class, and provides high level of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The device also has a redundant power supply system.



Data Loggers

PLUMMAC data loggers are designed for recordings of gas volume from gas meters, water volume from water meters and pressure monitoring.


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